De Groene Cup ~ the green cup


Silicone menstrual from the Netherlands.

If you decide to buy a De Groene Cup, you have the possibility to go for Model I if you are under 30 years old and never had a child, or Model II if you are over 30 years old and already had children.

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Change your habits and you can save up to 100 Euros per year and live a healthier life at the same time.

All women know the troubles they go through during menstruation, with all the stress, cramps and even pain in most cases; and above all these there’s the risk for things to get messy. Nowadays there are lots of options to choose from when trying to buy a product to help you with blood absorption, and this includes the classical tampons and pads.

De Groene Cup, comes in with a revolutionary concept of cups that will replace all the previous products successfully; the cups are both cheaper and eco friendly. They can also be used multiple times as you don’t have to throw them away after a first use.

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