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Every month we will give a way a Free DivaCup.

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30 Responses to “Win a Divacup for Free”

  1. Pema

    I have been using a FemmyCycle cup since last summer, and it is one of the best things I have ever done for my body!

  2. Anais

    Menstrual cups are a great discovery, greener, cheaper and comfier. Love my menstrual cup!

  3. Nadia S.

    Best discovery for women ever! Menstrual cups are life changing and you’ll never need to rush to the shop to buy toxic sposies!

  4. Ashlyn B.

    I’ve never tried a cup before but I’m an avid tampon user so I’m very interested in trying one!

    P.S. – For some reason your site is not allowing me to post without typing an url (I don’t have a website!) so I’ve simply put the link to this giveaway.

  5. Ashlyn B.

    I’m not a huge fan of softcups but I know they are very different from reusable cups so I’m hoping to win and give it a try!

    • Bicarina

      I went to gyneocologist for fertility test he sent me to life hospital for HSG test the results show that both fallopian tubes are there any herbal that can cure and unblocked my fallopian tubes.,please help me I’m desparate

  6. Carmen S

    I want to try Menstrual cups because now as I heard about it there ist no more reason for tampons. I ordered my first one today and hope it fits.

  7. Margaret

    I would reallly love to win it, it will be my first time using it, judging by what other ladys says, I’m pretty sure it will be a good thing to have.

  8. Keryn Ng

    I dance a lot and has lots of mood swings during my periods.
    I would like to try something else besides using annoying pads and tampons. They make me so uncomfortable.
    Menstrual cups it is for now!!! One for me pleaseeeee.

  9. Vesela Dimitrova

    Menstrual cups are such a great invention for women! Environmentally friendly, useful and very comforting! Since i started using a cup my period are no more gross, uncomfortable, dirty and restrictive time of the month.

  10. Nadja

    What a great invention! Safer to the body and the environment, I would love to try one for free!


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